Friday, August 15, 2014

Bridesmaids Card

I was commissioned to make a set of cards for a wedding for the bridesmaids.  This card will go into the gift bags that the bridesmaids will receive.  The colors for the wedding are black, white and emerald green.  I designed this card.  I am going to see if this is what they are looking for.  Hopefully they will like this card, otherwise I have some other ideas.

Happy Friday!

Hugs, Meg

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beach Scene

Well, if you have looked at my blog over the years you know that I love to go to those Wine and Design places.  This summer my daughter and I went to one and painted a beach scene.  I now have this in my office at work where I can dream of being right there and not working away.

I always share pictures that show my progress - always starting with the blank canvas.

Next we added the horizon, the sky, the beach and the water.

Then we added the path that we would be taking to the water.

Then we added the tufts of seagrass.

Then the shadows.

Then we finished the picture by adding the fence.

I adore this picture.  

Happy Wednesday,

Hugs, Meg

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Green Swap Card

I joined a swap recently where we had to make a card using items that we had saved.  I save lots of items, so picking what to use was the biggest challenge.  I decided on a Birthday card that I had received.  I disassembled it and used the parts to make a new card.  I also used a ribbon that was attached to an inside of a shirt that I had bought previously.  I also used scrap paper so nothing in this card was new.

I hope you like my Green Birthday Card.

Happy Tuesday,

Hugs, Meg

Sunday, August 10, 2014


This has been a very difficult year so far.  I have not posted in a while because we have just had so much loss this year.  Maybe things have taken a turn now but I am not sure and I have not had the desire to do much creating lately.

One thing that I know that has been great this year is spending time with girlfriends, and friends in general.  My besties have made this year fun!  We have done a lot together and have enjoyed all of the good times we spend together.

Love my friends!

Happy Sunday!

Hugs, Meg