Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Think Pink Cards

I am selling my homemade cards at the new store in my neighborhood called Going Local NC.  This storefront can be found on Facebook if you are interested in what they sell. 

Currently, I am selling "Think Pink" cards at the store.  I currently have the following cards in the store but can make anything requested.  I hope you like the cards I have made.

Hugs, Meg

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Sandwich

I received a call from a lady about doing a card for her brother.  Her brother was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He is a very positive and upbeat person though, and has a particular saying that he loves.

She commissioned me to do a card around the saying "enjoy every sandwich"  --  Warren Zevon.

The card that I made for her is below:

The inside of the card is:

I really hope he enjoys the card!  The store touched me!

Hugs, Meg

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Think Pink

I have been selling my cards at a local store that only sells items by local artists.  The store is called Going Local NC.  I have been enjoying selling my cards at this store.

My display in the store is shown below:

If you are walking by the store, you will see:

I have a 6 month lease to start and hope that this works well.  The store just opened so it is still getting it's name out.  I also do special orders so if you are interested, I can make a card to order and mail to you.

Tomorrow I will show you a special order card that I have just been commissioned to do.

Hugs, Meg