Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let me tell you about a Rooster!

The other day, one of my good friends and I, we went to a Wine and Design event at Artistic Abandon!  Wow, this is so much fun.  We had done one before but this time I took pictures of the journey!  So, we drink a little wine and start with a blank canvas!

See the wine to the left of the canvas!  We then painted the canvas black!

Next we started on the Rooster.  I wasn't quite sure I really like my Rooster when I started.  I thought it was too fat or something.  

I guess I wasn't sure I like the head, but it grew on me.  We were painting with red, green, white and yellow.  Next, we started adding some blue.

This is when I started liking the Rooster.  I think it was because I really liked the blue!  We then started working on the tail.

We also did the grass and added a bit of red to the tail.  Now we are really adding the color, the eye, and finishing the Rooster!  So, what do you think?  I think the more you drink, the better you paint!  LOL!

Happy Wednesday!

Hugs, Meg

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  1. Fantastic rooster Meg.. Where's the leftover wine. It seems to have disappeared from the photos....LOL..Loz