Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I went to Wine and Design in Wake Forest last night with two of my best friends.  We had so much fun painting and socializing with others there.  As I always like to do, I took progressive pics of the painting that we were doing.  I almost forgot to take a pic of the blank canvas so there is some blue on the canvas. 

We started off painting the blue background on the painting.

We then started painting the petals with a mix of orange and yellow.

We added some darker orange on the back petals and lighter orange on the front petals.  Also swiped some white in places.

We then started adding some rust color to the petals.

We then started working on the center of the flower.

We continued to work on the center and added some more white on the petals.

We added some blue onto the petals and finished it up.  This was such a fun painting to do!

Happy Hump Day!

Hugs, Meg

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  1. This is so Beautiful ND VIBRANT COLORS mEG..lOZ