Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy New Year

I have been away from my blog for a while and now I need to get back to posting on this blog.

It was such a bad year last year - we had so much loss.  So far this year is so much better.  We have two new puppies and we are so enjoying them.  We got Maximus in November.  He is now 5 months old.  He gets along well with our 14 year old beagle.

He loves to walk at the park near us.

Our other new puppy was picked up two weeks ago.  He is 9 weeks old and is a little cutie.  He is best buds with Max.

We are so loving these puppies.  We are having the best time with them.  We look forward to a lot of fun and pics this year.

Hugs, Meg

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  1. Oh, Meg! They are absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you are having such a good start to the year. You totally deserve it after the year you had last year. Love you much!

    Snoopy :D