Monday, February 1, 2010

House with Lights

I was not able to create since I worked half of the day and then went to an eye appointment and had my eyes dilated, however, I am posting a pic of my house that we took with all of the snow we got over the weekend.  We haven't taken down the lights yet, since I have been sick and weather has been weird, so we turned them on.  I now have some pics for Christmas cards next year.  Hope you like this.


  1. Pretty! Glad to see you blogging!

  2. Sooo beautifl Meg...Hugs..Loz

  3. Forgot to say that your blog is looking better. Keep up the great work...Hugs..Loz

  4. Meg love you blog and WOW what a big house just for you 3. This would be a perfect Holiday card for 2010