Monday, February 22, 2010

Winterfest Picture

I stayed in bed all weekend hoping I would get better, and got worse.  Had to go back to the doctor today and have 2 steroid shots, 2 breathing treatments, and more meds.  Hopefully I will be good to go soon.  I am tired of being sick. 

Ok, so the image today is not of a card.  Here is a picture of my daughter, Brittany, and her boyfriend, Ben, going to the Winterfest dance over the weekend.  Don't they make a cute couple?


  1. I saw these on FB, and can't get over how pretty she looked! She's a gorgeous girl, and the two of them make a cute couple! Although, you kind of expect a great daughter from someone like you☺ Feel better soon. I am thinking about you!

  2. They are so goodlooking together! =)

    Hugs, Elenor

  3. What a beautiful couple.

    I really hope these shots and treatments help you feel better soon!

    Snoopy :D