Monday, March 22, 2010

Ok, all of the cards that I have been doing lately are for swaps, so I can't really show them yet.  I did take this adorable picture of my boxer, Murphy.  I decided that everyone needed to see this pic since he looks so peaceful. Most everyone that knows him never sees him like this - LOL!


  1. Murphy actually stops jumping and playing long enough to lay down? WOW! I LOVE this dog so much. I need to stop by more to play with him, he is wonderful! He's this huge beast, who's amazingly playful and happy, and I can't get enough of him! Thanks for sharing this pic! Now I can show Jim how gorgeous he is (I keep telling him about Murph!).

  2. He is so handsome Meg. Maybe he is dreaming up ways to get into trouble..LOL..Loz