Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 5 - Christmas Decorating

Ok, so most people that know me, know that I absolutely love Christmas.  I wish that we could keep the decorations up and the cheer that appears to be in everyone's heart up year round.  This time of year seems to bring out the best in so many people.  There are a few that are the typical Scrooge's or Grinch's - you know who you are! - but most people are in the best spirit.  My husband thinks I go a little overboard sometimes when I am decorating for Christmas, but I like to look around and see the lights, glitter, colors, and love to smell fresh pine, cinnamon, cookies baking, ginger, etc.  One item that I love to use at Christmas is the cranberry - love reds at Christmas.  I use cranberries in water with white candles.  I am going to show you a picture of what I have in my kitchen.  Just love how this looks, especially when the candles are burning.  And can you see the beautiful poinsetta that I got this year?  Love the color and the glitter all over it.  Not sure you can tell there is glitter, but there is.

Just wish there was a way I could incorporate a ladybug into this scene, LOL!


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