Monday, March 18, 2013

Out on a Limb

Well you all know how much I love going to Artistic Abandon with my friends, where we drink wine, eat snacks and paint a beautiful painting!  We had so much fun doing this last week.  As always, I will take you through the progression towards the final product.

First is the blank canvas that we started with.

 We then put shades of gray on the canvas with a hill, with white in the middle of the canvas.

We filled in the hill with shades of black.

We then started adding the main tree trunk and branches.

Then we started adding the limbs, making sure that the limbs were smaller as they projected out.

The reason the picture is called Out on a Limb is because I then placed the two little birds - on the limb.

I thought this painting was really good, and then the instructor told us to put brown over the entire painting.  I wasn't sure that was going to look good, but it did!

Here is the final product!

So what do you think?

Happy Monday! 

Hugs, Meg


  1. OMG Meg this is fantastic! I think I'd have been hesitant about the brown too but it turned out so great :) Love the two little birds on the limb.
    CDAC DT Member
    A Look Through My Eyes

  2. Wow, Meg! I had no idea that the basic shades of gray, would end up as a beautiful piece of artwork!
    Sandi ♥
    CDAC DT Member

  3. Oh, Meg. Your painting is spectacular. You're very talented. Thanks for sharing with us.

    CDAC DT Member

  4. This is STUNNING Meg.. Loz

  5. My goodness, your work is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

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