Sunday, July 7, 2013

Midnight Tree

It has been so long since I have posted on my blog.  I am sorry I have been gone for a while.  I went on vacation in June to Las Vegas - had an amazing time, and have had a medical scare.  I just didn't feel like doing any crafting.  I finally am doing better and got into my craft room today.  I will be posting items that I have made in a few days, but today I am going to post another Artistic Abandon painting that my daughter and I went to together.  She had been wanting to paint a picture there for her apartment that she will be moving into August 15th.  She has done some on her own that I will post here as well over the next few weeks.  She is really artistic!

So we did a Funky, Midnight Tree!  As always, we started with a blank canvas, but we then painted the beginnings of the moon:


Then we painted rings of blue and blended, putting black in the upper corners.

Then we painted black hills below the moon.

At this point, we started the beginnings of the tree.  This is the trunk and a few limbs on the left side.

We then started putting in more branches.  Here is a pic of my daughter working on her painting.  (She would seriously kill me if she knew I posted this on my blog - good thing she never looks at it!)

More branches are added:

We then added the swirlies!  Love this part!

That is my finished tree above.  My daughter's tree is below.  They both look so different, but I love them both!

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  1. This is Stunning Meg. I hope you are getting better..Hugs Loz