Monday, January 11, 2016

DIY on Antique Chairs

We bought an antique kitchen table and chairs when we were living in Virginia, which has been at least 21 years ago.  The original leather and padding was starting to look really bad - it was splitting around the edges and on the tops.  These two chairs were not even the worst ones.

We decided to redo these chairs ourselves.  I figured it was pretty easy, and that we could handle it.  We bought an ostrich type of leather at the Mill Outlet with two different kinds of padding.  First we pushed the bottoms out of the chair.

We stripped off the fabric and then the padding.

It was in pretty bad shape.  I used these for my patterns for the filler and the leather.  We put the padding on the frame and then wrapped with the leather.  This is where we needed two people, 4 hands, and a staple gun.  We pulled it tight and smooth and stapled it onto the frame.  The outcome was amazing.  You might not be able to tell how amazing it is in the pics, but we truly made these chairs like new.

I think I will need to do more DIY projects!  It was a lot of fun.

Hugs, Meg

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