Friday, January 18, 2013

Zentangle - The Beginning

I have taken over being a swap moderator on a yahoogroup for the Zentangle swap.  I have never done Zentangles but have friends that do it and love it.  Okay, well, if I am going to coordinate the swaps for something I have never done, then I am going to research and figure out how to do this.  I didn't realize that Tangling was like Yoga, where there are names for different drawings.  Really cool!  I am now getting addicted and I am only in the beginning of my discoveries!  LOL!

Well, I have started a notebook where I am trying out the Zentagles in alphabetical order.  Here are pics of my "beginnning"!  Don't laugh, just my first attempt at these things.  I used to "doodle" like this when I was in high school and loved it, so I think this is going to catch on real quick!

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