Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Munch Mix

I have always made munch mix at Christmas ever since my daughter was a little girl.  It is another tradition that we have at our house.  This year I am making it a little bit differently.  We have a great new tailgating spot for all of the ECU home football games and have met a great couple that tailgate next to us.  Vickie gave me this munch mix recipe this year after she made it for one of the football games.  It is so good and different that we decided to make it several times ourselves for the football games.  I made it over the weekend. 

It is from a Taste of Home recipe.  The mix includes cashews, crispix cereal, pretzels, bugles, colored fish crackers, and cheez-its stirred with butter popcorn oil and ranch mix - baked for 45 minutes.  It is addictive.

Happy Tuesday.

Hugs, Meg

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