Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Painting

I am posting another painting that I did this week with a friend of mine.  I have to say that this is my least favorite painting of all of the paintings that I have done.  I thought it would be great to do a snowy scene this time of year - I guess I am hoping for some snow this Christmastime, however we hardly ever have snow here in NC.

As always, I take a pic of the blank canvas:

I didn't realize that we would use so much light pink and violet in this painting. 

We started working on the mountains first.

I knew at this stage that I wasn't going to like this painting much.

The creek is next, which I wasn't sure about the color.  Looked more like a path to me.

We then started adding more of the scene.

And more of the details.

Here is the finished product.  You tell me what you think of it.

Happy Sunday,

Hugs, Meg

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  1. Gorgeous painting. Meg. Good luck with the snow wish..Loz