Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 15th

Today I am posting a gift card holder.  Who doesn't love getting gift cards at Christmas, or anytime for that matter?  It is nice to dress up the gift card!  Here is a pic of the gift card holder, closed up and tied with a ribbon.

I love to use twine on my projects, especially when it reminds me of candy canes!  The inside of the gift card holder has a center section that holds the gift card.  Here is a pic of the inside of the holder, without the gift card in it.  

There is a flap on the back, just like the front so that the center section is totally covered on both sides when closed and tied up.  

Here is a picture of a gift card inside the holder.

I love how this holder has the notches so that you can easily get the gift card in and out.  If you are interested in the tutorial for this gift card holder, email me and I will either send it to you, or put it on my blog if there is enough interest.

Happy Thursday!  

Hugs, Meg

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