Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7th

My posting today will be another Christmas Card that I have made.  Yesterday's card and today's card are the cards that I will be sending out for my Christmas cards.  I have made special ones for my parents but when you have to mass produce cards, it is easier to go with something simple.

A little off topic first, today is the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  It has special significance to me because my daughter's best friend, Kristin, who has been a member of our family since the girls were 3, turns 18 today.  My daughter will turn 18 on the 68th anniversary of D Day.  Now you know why the girls are great friends!  They are both heading off to East Carolina University in the Fall and will be roommates.  It will be a sad day to see them both off, though exciting as well.  They have both been stomping through my house for many years, so it will be VERY quiet without them!  

Okay, now for the card of the day!  It is hard to tell in the photo, but the paper is a shimmer paper and really beautiful in person!

Have a great Wednesday!

Hugs, Meg

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